Refining your search

To get more focused search results, you can use our advanced search filters! Filters change dependent on opportunity type so to see all the ways you can narrow down your search, be sure to toggle through the different opportunity types at the top of the search results. We hope to add even more filters in the future, so stay tuned!

When entering terms in the search bar, you can also use these search operators in the keywords box to improve your results:

Exclude a term using a minus sign (-)
  • Example: development -fundraising would give you all results related to development, unless they contain the term fundraising. Note that this only works if you have one term already: if you exclude a word but don't also have another word (e.g. "-fundraising" by itself), you won't get the results you want.

Glue words together with quotation marks ("")
  • Example: "young professionals" would include results such as Young Professionals of Chicago, but would exclude results such as Young Nonprofit Professionals Network or professionals working with young people. (Without the quotes, though, you'd get all three).
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