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Becoming an Administrator of your Organization's Idealist Profile

If your organization already has a profile on Idealist, instead of creating an entirely new page, you can become an administrator! Once you are listed as an administrator, you can edit your organization's profile including the description and location.
To become an administrator of your organization's page, you'll first need to log in or sign up as an individual. Then, search for your organization from the search bar, go to your organization's page, and click on the "Become an administrator" link near the bottom of the page. If you're unsure of who is currently listed as an administrator, please let us know after you've requested to become an administrator so we can approve the request. If you're logging in with your organization email address ( this will usually be much easier for us to do -- if you don't have one of those, please contact us with information authenticating you as an administrator.
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