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Repost a listing

Have an old listing that's expired that you'd like to reactivate on the site? If so, our Repost feature might be just what you are looking for! By clicking the Repost button, our system creates a template from the old listing that you can then edit to fit your needs, which saves you the hassle of re-typing all the information should you just need to make a few minor edits. This feature is available on any listing and can be accessed through your organization's Dashboard.

To get started, navigate to your organization's Dashboard and click the title of the listing you'd like to repost. From there you'll see a Repost button to the right of the title. Click the button and a template from the original listing will be created. Go through and make any edits necessary, then scroll to the bottom and hit Add to Cart. You'll then be led through the billing and payment flow as you usually would and once you've done all that you should be all set!

* Please note that reposting a listing will incur a brand new listing fee and generate a new invoice.
Last Updated: Jul 27, 2018 01:28PM EDT
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